Adopts NVIDIA Clara to Help Data Scientists Build AI 20X Faster Adopts NVIDIA Clara to Help Data Scientists Build AI 20X Faster

To help data scientists build their AI models faster, has adopted NVIDIA Clara, a healthcare domain-specific set of SDKs, libraries, tools and reference applications for AI-assisted annotation, federated learning and real-time image and video analysis. NVIDIA Clara runs on the NVIDIA EGX platform for AI computing on edge servers and embedded devices. is now containerized on NGC, a hub for GPU-accelerated software that simplifies deployments with Helm charts, application containers, and SDKs, and accelerates the pace of discovery with pre-trained models, scripts, and performance-optimized software. Our application is tested to run on NVIDIA EGX ,which extends real-time AI computing beyond the data center and to the edge. a family of edge-ready servers . System admins can easily set up a fleet of edge servers remotely and securely, meeting hospitals’ needs for data security and real-time intelligence.

By delivering new development tools and capabilities that speed up AI-development up to 20X, and NVIDIA Clara are ushering in a new generation of smart hospitals.

Balzano Informatik AG has been able to accelerate training data labeling efforts using the SaaS solution based on NVIDIA Clara.  Stefan Voser, COO of Balzano Informatik said "With adoption of the SaaS solution, we have observed a 15X speed-up in our training data labeling efforts with 15% reduction in error rate." will demonstrate capabilities of their SaaS solution in NVIDIA booth 10939 at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Dec. 2, 11am local time in Chicago.